Coffee-mate DIY Inspiration

Jenni Radosevich, creator of the blog ISPYDIY, who binge watches HGTV, was so thankful and excited to speak with me about this exciting partnership. Jenni and I both found out we had a ton of things in common, including our obsession with coffee, flowers and using pops of color. Jenni and I shared a special bond because we both truly enjoy catching up with our moms whenever we are back home with a nice cup of coffee in hand. Coffee is a conversation beverage, just like wine. I cherish those important moments and have translated them into art for my latest collection of bottles for Coffee-Mate, with flavors French Vanilla and Hazelnut. Inspired by my work, Jenni decided to redesign a small coffee space and chair to have a new, comfortable place to enjoy bottomless cups of coffee. Jenni’s obsession with yellow and my inspirations, which are vibrant pops of color, a couple cans of fabric spray paint and an old white big chair turned into a new gorgeous piece of furniture in Jenni’s home! The coverage was amazing, the paint was not stiff and the color has not rubbed off on any light colored clothing; it was a game changer. Jenni poured herself a cup of coffee, splashed in some French Vanilla Coffee-Mate creamer and sat down to enjoy her new and improved chair! Conversations and a conversation piece- now someone pour me a cup of coffee.

Nicole Balch, creator of a DIY blog of Making it Lovely, was also impressed by my designs and got the chance to speak with me about my new collaboration with Coffee-Mate French Vanilla and Hazelnut bottles, which are available exclusively at Target. Nicole wanted to do some painting on her own, so she got to work and customized a serving tray and clock! The serving tray was plain white. She covered the inner rim with tape to protect it from the paint. Nicole was going for an abstract bold color look mixed with a splash color feel (which I love!) using a thick paint brush. The abstract art wall clock design was very similar. Unscrewing the clock and painting the face, Nicole decided to add a hint of gold as well, which we all know, I love. After waiting for the face to dry, she then colored in the numbers with just gold for an unexpected pop of shimmer. The design on both of these projects came out awesome and really made an impact in each of their spaces