Yes, I am an artist, so naturally I love to create things from scratch. It’s kinda my thing! But my schedule has been so crazy that I wasn’t able to get my hands as dirty as I would’ve like to. So, I called on some amazing artisan to create the main pieces for my costume: 13 foot articulating wings, a headpiece and neck piece. I know it doesn’t sound too practical, but Halloween is a holiday for the unpractical! It is one of those rare days every year that you can go all out and be something that you’re not, something you’ve always wanted to be, something scary and spooky. Let’s face it: this is the time for men and woman can dress like absolute sluts and it’s ok!! I love it; I just love it! The costume was designed by me, but very much inspired by the one and only: Angelina Jolie.

I didn’t want to do a full drag thing, even though I am obsessed with drag queens and look really good as a woman. I wanted to have the essence of The Maleficent character. I darkened up the makeup and defined my eyebrows, like a man. I also darkened up the lips so they were bright red with a tint of brown and a dash of purple. Other than that, the makeup was fairly androgynous to keep true to the inspiration.

I made my costume a little more edgy by buying some faux leather pants to create a bondage type feel. Yay! I paired it with combat boots, simple black t-shirt and form-fitting black vest to tie in the masculine aspect. I also added a bold chain on my pants and a cape to my costume – which I actually did make myself!

Thus concludes my King Maleficent costume for 2014!

Loves and hugs!