The ever-important, ever-descriptive, ever-telling COFFEE TABLE.

A coffee table is a very important piece in the home. It’s central and it’s integral. It’s where people entertain, where they sit with friends to talk, to listen, to learn. It’s also, of course, where many, many cups of coffee are shared. Maybe the most intimate of traditions. Sharing a cup of coffee and getting into it is America’s response to the British sitting down for a cup of tea.

I want to help you guys achieve your best, most personal coffee table, with some style.

First, select the table
What sort of table fits your personal aesthetic? Select a table that makes its own statement but that also fits the vibe of your house.

This table is completely 100% unique and stands alone in this room. It’s certainly a focal point but it doesn’t entirely take over.

If you want the room to feel more spacious, try using a glass top for the “book-legs” It will take up no visual space and also showcase your books. This is a great way to recycle old books and magazines. Speaking of magazines, stack them neatly next to your couch, preferably two separate stacks in equal height. Tie them with some rustic rope/yarn or my favorite, an old belt with a big buckle. Gives a vintage feel to your side table. Top this with a piece of glass, reclaimed wood or your favorite tray.

Second, select the toppings.
What do you want to put on your coffee table? Selecting the pieces to put here is the most personal part, it’s what defines the table, what makes it yours and only yours.

Books are probably the biggest thing for this. There are a million fashion coffee table & art world coffee table books to choose from, but if those aren’t your interests then don’t have them! If you don’t actually like a book topic, get it out of there! Nothing is worse than a well curated coffee table or book shelf, curated by someone OTHER THAN YOU. Substance over style in this case you guys!

To save money you can create your own personal books that look clean and will, no doubt, be a conversation starter for anyone who enters your home.

I love going to someone’s house and picking up or playing with something they have on their table. If you don’t know what to do with your old yearbooks from high-school— pull them out and wrap them with some decorative wall covering or gorgeous paper (silk, tweed, satin etc.), and place them on your coffee table. Dare you not to laugh!

Third, select your Coffee-mate flavor.
My personal favorite Coffee-mate (link to flavors to pair with my coffee are the Vanilla flavor and the Hazelnut flavor. I love to design my coffee just like designing a space. A little vanilla and a little hazelnut make a fabulous cup of coffee. Sometimes I like a bit more vanilla and sometimes a bit more hazelnut. It changes with my mood. A designer cup of coffee, how fabulous!

Lastly, sit down and enjoy.

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