Towels Towels Towels

I feel like towels are REALLY under appreciated. First of all: FUNCTION. We use them daily, more than most things (or just as much as our MOST important things, like shampoo or something). Second of all: VISIBILITY. They’re really a centralized focal point in most bathrooms. A face towel is right next to your sink. A bath towel is hung somewhere prominent. Lastly, OPPORTUNITY. There is a major design and personality opportunity here that people miss with boring towels ALL THE TIME. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate a plane white towel…at a resort. Honestly I LOVE a clean white towel in the home. But other times, I want to tell people to use their homes to show their most unique fun selves. You have a real chance to make a statement. To add some color. To bring a little je ne sais quoi into the mix. I was inspired to create the exact item I’ve been wanting and wishing for Bed Bath And Beyond.

Can I just take a second to go on a tangent for a second about how AMAZED AND EXCITED AND HONORED I am to be a part of anything that has to do with Bed Bath And Beyond. I mean, it’s BEYOND (get it….?). I LOVE it in there. There are so many aisles, full of so many things, and I want every single item. They show me things I didn’t even know I wanted. Also, there are snacks at the checkout. Hello! Was this heaven built especially for me? I love it here. Thank you for making my utilitarian duty into a heavenly delicious movement that truly will move my everyday life.  That’s the complexity and beauty of shopping for something u need every day to make your life a more enjoyable day. Cause we all gots some stress, and shopping for the home will make the stress easier and somewhat more doable. Can I get an amen!

Okay back to towels & how we use them & abuse them & take them for granted. Is that a little intense for towel talk? I don’t think so! Look, I think that everything has the opportunity to be designed. I think that your home is where you get to show yourself off. And I think that we take the time to choose plates, and silverware, and pillows, and candles, and rugs, and frames, so why not things that are used practically too? Don’t waste the opportunity to get creative and show off your unique side.

I was brainstorming some “fun” lists about towels, and some “fun” facts about towels, and some random “fun” info about towels, and to be totally honest, there isn’t really anything that “fun” about towels on the Internet…which is just really proving my point even more. People just go get towels. They put no thought into it. Maybe they touch a few swatches to decide what feels the best to them, but really there’s just not much extra anything put into the decision.  the best creations are bred out of necessity. And there is clearly a need for a little oomph here, a little fun, a little color, a little fun, a sense of humor, am I right?! I think we should start looking at towels like they’re the new socks. Yeah you heard me, SOCKS. There is this whole trend happening right now to have on point socks (an accessory that, may I point out, isn’t ever seen by anyone on most men in pants…yet still, people are crazy particular about what they put on their feet). Anyways, socks are getting mad respect these days. And I’m down! Design your whole vibe people! But lets extend this idea of putting care and thought and pride into things that might not be the central display of your home (or your body if we’re still into this sock metaphor…).

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