ATTENTION ALL LA READERS. I’ve got a suggestion for you babes!

Everyone in the LA area needs to go see this James Turrell exhibit at the LACMA. It runs through April 6th so you have time, but like, not that much time, so go see it.
As a human who (obviously) LOVES color — Turrell is the type of artist my dreams are made of. His whole collection and body of work is focused on one thing: color. He manipulates light (natural and artificial) to make you see and look at color and depth and perspective in a whole new way. His works range from small to MASSIVE and they’re each unique and beautiful and brilliant. I cannot recommend seeing this enough. It’s really an amazing retrospective to take in.

Here is what LACMA had to say about it:

“James Turrell: A Retrospective explores nearly fifty years in the career of James Turrell (b. 1943, Los Angeles), a key artist in the Southern California Light and Space movement of the 1960s and 70s. The exhibition includes early geometric light projections, prints and drawings, installations exploring sensory deprivation and seemingly unmodulated fields of colored light, and recent two-dimensional work with holograms. One section is devoted to the Turrell masterwork in process, Roden Crater, a site-specific intervention into the landscape just outside Flagstaff, Arizona, presented through models, plans, photographs, and films.”

Here are some more images of his work below — they speak for themselves.