Lena Dunham, VOGUE, & Interior Design

I haven’t been blogging about design because I’m not trying to be repetitive, babes. But, babes! I have so many things to RAVE about this video right now it’s not even funny. JK IT’S HILARIOUS. There are literally too many aspects of this video that I love, actually not too many, just like, the PERFECT amount of goodness. First of all, let’s start with the obvious. LENA, baby! You’re everything. It’s all great, the hair, the make-up, those Wes Anderson inspired jammies, that red lip! Please. Second of all, Hamish, you’re devilishly handsome and impeccably dressed as per usual in this. Again, the hair, the glasses, the watch, the CUFFLINKS! ON POINT! Lastly, and definitely not least, the design of this room is so, so great. Talk about using color (THERE IT IS!) in a great way. And pattern. And print. And accessories. And everything.

Let this be a lesson in color to everyone. So many different colors used together and it all looks great. Reds, blues, yellows, darks, lights, greens, whatever, everything goes!

Lemme break it down for you AGAIN — you know I only say it cuz I’m truly genuine (there’s a little Lauryn Hill reference for you, bb).

Hello! We start out with a bang. Check this wallpaper closely. It’s floral and bright, but remains elegant, yet young. I LOVE emotionally complex wall paper.
This ish isn’t for dummies. Second, the filmmakers used the classic VOGUE red which picks up color from the flowers but then they also use this yellow sticky which just looks great in contrast to the other colors. Loves it.

A better view of the room. The pattern and COLOR of the bed up against the pattern and COLOR of the wall. EVERYTHING. You don’t even have to be a designer to notice this — they chose to use primary colors that are opposite to make this whole situation pop and be beautiful. See the chart below? It’s like kindergarten! Fun! Nap time’s up next. But seriously, it’s a great thing to look at and see what contrasts that can actually go together gracefully in one room. Don’t be scared.

We pull back a little (look at me talking film talk, I am so multi-talented) and Lena and Hamish get in on the action. The outfits — formal-formal next to night-time-chic. It’s really smart. If this wasn’t on purpose, like, great accident! Honestly though I really don’t think that this is on accident because it’s too good. I’m so happy when people pay attention to things and put effort into things because so often that is not the case. You LAZY’S. This could’ve easily been shot in some static studio where she was in a directors chair getting ready in front of one of those mirrors with exposed light bulbs lining the top, but they didn’t. They chose to carefully and exquisitely construct a faux bedroom for the babe! And within the bedroom (maybe this is her real bedroom…I don’t know…I’d be even more impressed if it was) they added paintings, and books, and wallpaper, and bedding, and lamps, a frickin cheetah print rug, and everything is perfect, it’s insane.

These are my favorite little moments – when they do the full on dance. You really get to see it all in action. So cute!

This isn’t a how-to it’s more like an ode-to. So here is what I recommend. I recommend taking a hint in bravery and risk taking from this video and this woman. I recommend deciding to do something and then REALLY doing it. Like, go all out. What’s the problem? Don’t half-ass it. Just do it, take a risk, and then love what you created!

Be bold, be brave, be you, be inventive, be unique, be creative, be loud, I believe in you!

I want to talk about Lena for a second outside of this video. And no, I don’t want to talk about GIRLS. It’s a great show, I love it. Some of you probably hate it, but that’s neither here nor there (JK it’s definitely there). I want to talk about bravery for ONE SECOND. That’s what this whole post is really about, the room is brave, the dance is brave, the babe is brave.

I think that Lena is like, really, really brave. Period. I think that’s really all we should be focusing on about her. I know that sometimes her work is controversial, and people are disappointed in Marnie’s arch this season, or think Adam is creepy, whatever! Let me tell you something about Ms.Dunham. She’s brave. She takes risks. She has something to say, and by g-d, she says it. And she says it exactly how she wants to. And she’s not asking you permission first. She just does it. She doesn’t care if you like it (I’m sure she’d like you to like but that’s not her M.O., she doesn’t need you to like, and that’s the difference).

I want everyone to be inspired to go forth in their week feeling a little bit more bold and a lot more brave. Wear a red lip, throw on a heel, wear a suit you’ve been meaning to wear, paint that accent wall RED if you feel like it. Get up and stop thinking about that “crazy” thing you want to do and just do it!


Watch the video here: