Tips for selecting art!

Your art should reflect who you are as a person! Here are a few tips to use when selecting art:

The difference between wall art and fine art:
Wall art is something that you find at Pier 1 or West Elm, and it’s usually objects that you place on the wall to create art. Decorative mirror sunbursts, different textures of wood — things that are items and objects creating art on the wall is wall art. Fine art is a painting, basically.

Choosing art that’s proportionate to the space:
I personally like big pieces of art. If you’re getting a big piece of art to hang above your couch, bed, dresser, credenza or some piece of furniture, you definitely don’t want to go wider than the piece you’re putting it in front of. So if you have a six-foot couch, you don’t want to put a seven-foot painting — keep it six feet or less. If it goes bigger, then it will look a little top heavy and strange. If you want to do smaller pieces, keep it confined to the area that you’re hanging it above. If it’s above the bed, then keep it within the lines of the bed frame.

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