COLOR SPLASH is CASTING in MIAMI for Spring of 2013!!

Are you a fan of my design???

Are you planning on renovating a room in your home?

Let me and my HGTV team come give you one of my signature interiors! Transform your tired room into a vibrant, unforgettable space. Along with my Miami-based team, I can come give you one of my unique creations.

Email the below info to

1.     Your name

2.     Your contact info

3.     Your address

4.     Occupations

5.     Amount you have to contribute to the makeover budget

6.     Pictures of you, the homeowner

7.     Pictures of the outside of your house

8.     Send photos of the room you want made over, along with all of the measurements

9.     Tell us why you want a makeover for this room

10.  What’s your design aesthetic? (we’re looking for traditional)

Deadline is soon, email TODAY!