Backsplash: Kitchen Remodel

I love receiving letters from fans showing me their interior design prowess! Dave just sent me this email with pictures of his new kitchen remodel… I love it!! So creative and FABULOUS! Below is Dave’s description of the project:

My budget was limited so I couldn’t afford to replace the upper cabinets and therefore couldn’t relocate the stove and vent. Instead, I removed the ugly oak cabinet doors painted the interiors the same red–it took 4 coats not including a dark primer– as the new lower cabinets and the frames got painted Cracked Pepper Gray. The subway tile (Parchment) is handmade in California and very irregular which is the look I wanted. The flooring is solid walnut.

I didn’t want glass tile or scenic tile for the backsplash and saw the one Michael Lotenero did in his own kitchen and was blown away. Something no one else can have! I wanted it to be kitchen appropriate but in no way traditional. Michael paints in reverse on a piece of glass, starting with highlights and working backwards. Once installed, I used stainless tracks, the edges are sealed with silicone and it is just the easiest thing to keep clean. My little shots don’t do it justice because it really does dominate the kitchen, especially at night, and people go nuts when they walk in. I think it is hard for them to visualize a reverse painting on glass as a backsplash. It is such a unique idea I thought David would appreciate it and its utility too. –Dave DiBella