My Client is YOU!

Hey loves, do you remember back in March when I asked your opinion on those 12 top-secret room designs?

 Well you all were amazing and gave me such great feedback on what you LOVED, hated and even craved! I took all of the suggestions and used them as my inspiration to design a new line of bed and bath products.

At the end of the day, YOU are my most important client! I need to know that you want these products for yourself, first and foremost.

Next week I am using the products as featured elements in three rooms I designed, to be on display during New York City’s Home Fashions Market Week. All of the industries finest creative “eyes” will be checking out OUR designs!

Before I open up the forum to the retail and design public, I need your help one more time! Please let me know your thoughts and opinions on the three rooms… Let me know what you love or what you don’t by giving me a “nod” or a “nah”.  Hopefully you all will be nodding away!

With your help we hope that In a few short months the products will be available in stores, and I can’t wait have everyone send me pics of how you style them in your home!