Design Tip Thursday: Small Spaces

Design Tip Thursday: Small Spaces

Having a small space can be one of design’s biggest challenges. But I always love a challenge!

The key is to think outside your (very small) box. There are a few design tricks that always work.

1. Modular furniture is becoming easier to find. There are some amazing European design companies that make functional and fabulous furniture!

2. Raise your bed! A grown up version of the bunk bed is a great solution for a studio apartment. It leaves your floor space to be lived in.

3. Don’t be afraid of color!! Using bright colors and pairing them together helps to brighten a small space and create depth in a room.

4. Mirrors mirrors on the wall…. Using mirrors in your wall décor helps create the illusion of more space and light!

5. If you also want to work from home, repurpose a closet as a home office space. It keeps your work station separate from you living space and makes it easy to hide away….