Design Tip Thursday!

Obsessed with up-cycling old or inexpensive items to create fabulosity? I am!!

You need ping pong balls. You can either use old ping pong balls, or go to the dollar store or local sport store and get them super cheap. Take them home and spray them your favorite color.

I personally love the single color scheme, but I definitely do not hate a fab color combo!

Two ways to do this:

1. Either use and existing lampshade, preferably white (you can always spray the shade too) and attach the sprayed ping pong balls with a glue gun from your local craft store.


2. If you want a bit of a challenge and are crafty, thread a needle through each ball, similar to how you would do a wreath. Make it as big or as little as you are comfortable with. You can create a bigger lamp with more layers.

You can glue the wreaths together, or thread the layers to attach them to one another.  Add the fixture of your choice to create a unique piece. Can be a table lamp, chandelier or floor lamp and super inexpensive.

Limitless design possibilities people! Use that imagination! Change the bulb to a colorful bulb for parties and you will have yourself a Paaaaaartaaaaaay for pennies!