Valentine’s Day Tips!

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Valentine’s Day is one of the largest selling holidays and that’s no surprise to most of us. It’s day to show your love and appreciation for not only your spouse, but also, for your parents, children and yes…even our pets. Americans spent over a million dollars in 2015 just on pets alone for Valentine’s Day. For me, it makes complete sense. Our pets show unconditional love and loyalty. Don’t forget your pets this Valentine’s day!


When we think of Valentine’s Day, we always envision pink, white and red. I absolutely love these colors as most do. I love staying traditional, but I also love attempting something new and exciting. The idea of using Black for Valentine’s Day, or black and gold is sexy and fun, even adding hints of hot pink can bring a vibrant new look to Valentine’s Day. It’s a sexy and beautiful combination when done correctly. A black Valentine’s card with a touch of pink or gold is gorgeous. I found some really unique cookies that are black and silver. I absolutely adore them and think they are super fun, chic and unique.

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Favorite Gift Idea:
I am a big a sucker for romance. I can be a big goofball at times and always like to joke, but when it comes down to love and romance, or as I like to call it – BROMance! I turn to mush. It doesn’t take lots of money and gifts to be romantic. It’s as simple as a thoughtful gift from someone you love that truly means the most. So below are a few ideas I have in my book of BROMance for you to think about.

Dinner and a Movie at your place:
I always love this. Send your loved one an invitation by mail or e-vite for a private dinner for two and a movie in your living room. Now here is the magic – set up a card table in your living room and get a nice tablecloth to cover it. Red or Black would be my choice. If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace, place the small intimate table close to it. If not, make sure you have tons of candles everywhere. Set the table for two and try your best to make it stunning. Now for the meal – If you are able to cook, then make something special. If you are not great in the kitchen, you can find some delicious homemade meals at one of the more high-end grocery stores and all takes is a quick reheat once you get home. Even Chinese food right out of the carton with some red chopsticks. You can make anything romantic. Now, get some delicious champagne and wine for dinner and keep the glasses filled.

After dinner and before dessert, you’re going to give your first gift. Get yourself a stylish Chinese takeout container in plastic. You can find them online or at most of your craft stores. Fill it with some chocolate kisses or your partner’s favorite candy. Fill out handwritten little fortune notes (10 or more) and fold them up scattering between the chocolates. On each piece of paper, fill out something special about why you love your partner, the first time you fell in love, the moment you and your partner laughed together, a special place you visited together or a special memory, or thank them for being in your life.

Once you have finished up, give your significant other their gift for the movie. Wrapped in fantastic paper, surprise your significant other with super comfy pajamas or sweat outfit, some slippers, a bag of microwave popcorn and something sexy or playful for after the movie. Get a favorite romantic, funny or dramatic flick, depending on what you both like. Get on the couch, hit play, and enjoy the evening together. Now if you don’t get some serious action after all of this – It’s time for a new Valentine Honey!

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