My Valentine in a Jar


I was in a creative mood this weekend and thinking about Valentine’s Day. I decided instead of buying gifts already created by someone else, let me make some magic and create my own personal Valentine’s gifts. I purchased tons of mason jars a while ago that have just been sitting in my cabinet just waiting for me to play with. I do lots of little projects, so I have all sorts of of crazy items at my disposal. I just spent a touch of money on some candy and some construction paper. Super Cheap! I began with just one jar and by the end of the weekend, honey….I had to go buy more mason jars. I do this all the time but hey, it’s fun so I say just go with it, right? I don’t know what it is, but every time I start something, I always have to go overboard to satisfy the creative side. I’m sure, if your like me, you all have tons of items laying around your homes that you could use for crafty fun projects. There are tons of fabulous things you can do with a mason jar and this weekend I made a Valentine’s collection of FUN. It’s super duper easy and I think you all should try it.

First, I want to introduce you to Edna. She is my absolute FAVE. She was inspired by some purchases I made recently at a little booth on Ocean Drive for Art Deco Weekend in Miami. This fabulous artist creates one of a kind pieces using scraps, vintage tins, screws, metals, pins, buttons and anything she can get her creative fingers on. Anywhoooo… Edna came to me this past weekend at like 2 o’clock in the AM. She was just a mess before I pulled her together, Ms. Edna was broken in pieces, and she couldn’t stand on her own two cups before she met me. But, let me tell you, Ms. Edna is everything. She is sassy, she is confident, she is colorful, not prejudice, proud, loving and she is a Single and proud woman ahead of her time on Valentine’s Day this year. She needs no man, or not yet anyway. Her confidence makes her even more attractive and she will soon be walking her glass legs down Ocean Drive strutting her business. Who knows, she may meet her match, you never know.


I know that nothing can compare to Ms. Edna, but she wanted some type of love on Valentine’s Day, so I made her some Mason Jar friends to show some love. These are super easy to do and all you need is some glue, scissors, string and any other accessory you would like to add. You can change them with each season or keep them for next. They make great gifts for someone you care about and the kids just love to help with these projects. Take a look at the LOVE.

Jars Full of Love

The Love Birds Nesting


How to say I love you in a Mason Jar

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