Energizing Your Living Space

There are tons of interesting ways to incorporate color, which is why I love it so much! If we’re talking about wall color then it is important that when you’re designing a room, wall color always comes last. Get your most expensive items like your couch, chairs, tables, rugs, etc. first. You can then choose from the thousands of wall paint options and tie it all together. Wall paint is a super easy and inexpensive way to add color to your room. If you don’t feel like painting, area rugs are a great way to add color to a room. They are so underrated and I think they make such a huge impact, especially in a small space.

The best part about interior design is that you can set the mood for your environment with a few simple pieces, no matter where you live. Something as simple as exciting artwork or even an area rug can bring cool patterns, bright colors, or amazing textures to your home. Just because skies can be gray doesn’t mean your homes need to be!

In my apartment, the ceilings in the room are low, not even eight feet. I needed something to give the impression of height so I added wide black & white horizontal stripes silk curtains to do the trick. They make a big, bold statement, but they look timeless because of the classic color combo! One of my FAVORITE ways to make a space truly your own is by using throw pillows! They’re a great way to add pops of color to your space without anything permanent. You can change them every season or for any reason!

Whenever you’re designing your space ALWAYS think outside of the box! Bold pieces from Corian® and Zodiaq® are a great way to create a truly unique space! How fabulous is this Corian® Designer White counter/island/bar? So functional!

Who wouldn’t want to have a hot and steamy moment in this delicious Corian® Rosemary shower? It’s like showering in the middle of the jungle!