Design Tips for an LA Bath!

The most private area of your home deserves to be a spa-like retreat, but relaxing doesn’t have to be boring! DuPont™ Corian® solid surface and Zodiaq® quartz surface offer a variety of color and style options for bathrooms that are elegant and durable. The versatility of Corian® lets your imagination run wild – shape it, curve it, illuminate it. With so many options, it can be hard for any homeowner to decide where to get started. That’s why I’ve worked with DuPont to curate a beautiful collection of colors which embody the nature of four of my favorite cities.

First up is my current city, LA. I chose colors classic for Los Angeles; LA can be flashy, but not over the top when it comes to color. In many cases, the living spaces in LA tend to take the natural colors from the outside and bring them indoors. I simply love this amazing color palette chosen with the LA crowd in mind. The selection can be used in any color combination, they all go together gorgeously. The Zodiaq® product has the natural look of stone, but without the maintenance. And with Corian® you can build and thermoform shelves and benches right into the design. The walls of a shower, as we all know, can mildew and stain. Using these products as walls in the shower is a perfect solution.

Now, I have an over-the-top idea for an amazing bathtub. Creating a natural clear glass base with a custom chaise lounge made out of Corian® in the center is not only unique; it’s a piece of art. Adding additional drama with colored mood lighting to create a designer moment is super easy. You are the artist. Almost anything you can think of can be brought to life with this product. In fact, many celebrities use Corian® for all kinds of custom designs in their homes.

Now let’s talk bathroom sinks. You can create a single unit with one or more sinks with no seams or grout! Take a different approach by creating a floating sink, any shape or size, on top of the counter in a different color to compliment the base. Think outside the box and let your imagination run wild! These products are one of the most unique on the market, affordable luxury, and with limitless possibilities.