Designing for Small Spaces

Maximize Floor Space and Diversify Color Palettes: Before buying furniture, make sure to measure the entire room. It’s very helpful to draw the space and furniture on paper, or use a simple computer design program. Ultimately, it is crucial to measure each piece of furniture and add them to the space plan. This will eliminate the possibility of purchasing items that are too big or too small for the allotted space. Don’t forget to choose your furniture first, and then choose your paint color after! Paint is inexpensive and easy to match to your items, while choosing your furniture items can obviously be pricey.

DuPont™ Corian® solid surface: This surface comes in over a hundred different colors and patterns, and can also be cut and adjusted into any style or shape! The sturdy material makes space design, color diversity and maximizing space easier than ever. Corian® countertops can be molded into a drying rack for dishes, which is a huge plus because it eliminates the need to buy an additional item that takes up space and creates fewer dry water stains!

Smart Furniture for Small Spaces while Eliminating Clutter: Small spaces require clever design, thus decreasing overall clutter. Yet, small spaces don’t necessarily require small furniture. Maximize your space with properly sized furniture that fits your space accordingly. As I said previously, Corian® helps minimize clutter due to its unique ability to expand and adapt to any household need! It can incorporate a wine rack inside of the hard surface, which creates more space on the counter tops. Also, the material can be shaped into an expandable cutting board, flipping in and out on the kitchen sink. This innovative, unique material not only decreases clutter, but also makes it much easier to maintain and uphold a clean home!

The thermoforming properties of Corian® make it the perfect medium to build a built-in wine rack.
Credit: Don Aretesano