Design in Shades of Gray

It’s always “safe” to go with the basics: neutrals or safe boring tones for a color foundation. For me, beiges and browns are so blasé and so overused, so boring, so why not try and switch it up? Bring some spice and happiness into your world. Try adding touches of gray throughout your home on your walls, with your accessories, art and countertops. You will be developing an incredible aura of peace in your living space that will surely bring some life and visual interest to your space. Choosing a color is more than just standing in front of a rack of paint chips; it’s creating a lifestyle.

With careful prediction and consultation with the entire building and design industry, gray is clearly the next hot hue. It’s what I consider, the new beige. Picking a color is like picking a pair of shoes or choosing a car color: it is a gut decision; it will be around and it is “a must” that you choose something you are completely satisfied with, something that will make you happy.

Color specialists pride themselves on understanding the psychology of the times and trends of society. In doing so, you learn about the colors that represent not only what is going on in the world, but who you are within the world. As the creative consultant for DuPont™ Corian® solid surface and Zodiaq® quartz surface, I spend a LOT of time and effort on weighing the factors, besides beauty, of new color. Remember, each color has a meaning and also impacts our mood and well being, it defines who we are in a way.

I assist all my clients with selecting the perfect shade for their kitchen and bathroom countertops, ensuring their happiness for years to come.

I am all about using trending colors in your space, but I like to keep the countertops and cabinetry classic, e.g. using gray. Having this neutral color with pops of color throughout, by using pillows, throws or curtains, is the safest way to go. Gray is actually the most popular color choice in kitchens and bathrooms this year and goes with every other color gorgeously. It is no wonder that you can choose from fifty different shades of Corian® and Zodiaq® to create a feeling of security. 😉

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