Christmas is OVA Honey…..Take that tree down!

We all know what it’s like at the end of the holiday season: you don’t want to see another cookie, go to another party or even want to smile. The last thing you want to do is take down all of those holiday decorations and the tree is the worst part. So, try and make the best of it. Just hire someone to do it for you! LO – wouldn’t that be nice. Well, if you must take it down yourself, here is what I like to do:

– Put on your favorite tunes and make them loud
– Throw on some sweatpants and an old comfortable tee
– Pour yourself a glass of wine
– Order takeout and invite a friend (Get the friends over who don’t decorate; they are the easiest to trick into helping)

– I don’t save those boxes that the balls come in, but you certainly can. You can also buy some large plastic containers for your ornaments.
– If you have a color coordinated tree, separate each by color or style. I separate the glass from the plastic and wrap them with bubble wrap keeping them separate from the rest
– Start at the bottom of the tree and work your way to the top
– Sip some wine in between and keep dancing. Remind your friend who his helping how fun this is, how cute they look today and how blessed you are to have them
– Label each container once finished and store

– For the tree, I choose to put it in a large storage bag with wheels. I don’t like to put them back in the box it came in because it’s much harder to fluff the following year and things get broken.
-If it’s a real tree, bag it before you try and move it so the needles don’t go all over the place.

Organizing the tree and ornaments really make it easier to put up next year.

Have fun, make the best of it and have a FANTASTIC NEW YEAR!