Holiday Tips From You!

Check out these wonderful holiday tips from you! I asked “What are your best holiday party tips and tricks?”, Below are a few of my favorite answers.

“On Christmas Eve we drive around the neighborhood, in our convertible, with the top down and holiday music blaring, and each one of us has a little gift pack containing an ornament and some candy and a “certificate”. The certificate is the “Boyle Family Holiday Spirit Award”. We each pick our favorite holiday display, then knock on that house’s door and present our award to them. Sometimes they are very excited and invite us in for hot chocolate or coffee and cookies! Sometimes they are skeptical and merely say “Thank you?”. (and then close the door quickly) :o)~”
– Michelle Bredeson Boyle

“My taught me to set all my serving pieces out and label them with which food goes on them. It’s a big help when you’re rushing to get everything out out in time for your guests”
– Stacy Rothberg Rolfe

“My biggest tip is : Have all of your decorating and shopping done by Dec 10th so you can relax, focus on dinner and actually ENJOY your family and friends! — I have all my shopping done by the 5th, including wrapping and shipping etc. It just makes me more relaxed so as the 24-25th gets closer I am not all stressed out. I also like to avoid the retail hype and craziness”
– MileHigh Karen

“Keep it simple. Brunch is easy – egg casserole, meat platter with lots of bacon, sausages & ham, colorful fruit salad, and last but not least lots of yummy sweet treats. Have you friends bring their favorite sweet to share and an ornament for your tree. Be sure to have a beautiful clear glass bowl filled with ornaments for your guests to take home with them. Don’t forget the holiday music, and be sure to let your guests know they are welcome to sing along.”
– Kris Moore

“For the family gift exchange one year we exchanged one of our favorite books with each other, then played a ” one to left, two to the right” while seated in a circle, then when the music stopped- that is what book you received. Later it provided opportunity to discuss what you loved about the book, favorite characters, or provoking thoughts.”
– Mary Nelson

” My number 1 tip that has worked for my Christmas Eve open house (25 yrs worth) is setting up a kids station. I put out a kid height table/bench and stock it with kid friendly self serve treats. I buy small gatorades/kool aids, gummy bear pouches, small bags of assorted chips and candy. My nieces and nephews growing up always felt special because I catered to them. Plus kids help themselves. Frees up adults to enjoy the nite as well.”
– Judy Keizl