I need you guys to listen to me when I tell you that there is inspiration in everything, all the time, surrounding us all. We just have to be aware of it, to let it in, to let it capture us, and inspire us, and push us to be different and better and MORE AWESOME. For me, working in a creative medium, inspiration always comes from the client. I want to genuinely think about what it must be like to be them. Is that weird? To envision the true identity of Coffee-mate? I don’t think so my darlings! I look at what the client represents, their goals, their vision, their motivation — what they want their consumer to feel like, who they’re talking to, what they’re wearing, EVERYTHING. And it’s so fun for me. I get to dive into worlds that I would never normally dive into because it’s not my field. But through design I get to live these second special lives and I love it. I really got to know Coffee-mate by studying the symbol on their bottles.

The heart on the logo represented love of course, but also unity to me. The unity of coffee and its creamer; the unity of coffee and who you share those moments with; the unity between family and friends, really. With this exclusive collaboration with Coffee-mate and Target I had to be conscious of each party’s aesthetic. It had to be chic, and clean, and unique — something you couldn’t get anywhere else! So that’s what we went for and that’s hopefully what we got! After talking to the brands, I sat down and put out between 50-60 designs until we landed on the ones you see now!

Do you guys have a coffee corner? It’s very important to have a coffee corner! You need to set up a space where you can go to start your day off right. To get your mind right and set. Mine has silver chairs and very chic glass counter top that I love to sit in to prepare myself for the rest of the day. It’s honestly my favorite time. I sit, I make my coffee, and I pour in my fav Coffee-mate flavor HAZELNILLA. Heard of it? No? That’s because I invented it! A little combo of both flavors. It’s the best. Try it out and you can thank me later!

There is so much that inspires me, not least of which is working with brands I love, designing, and DRINKING ALL THE COFFEE I CAN FIND.
What inspires you?