I love food. IT AIN’T NO SECRET! I love food! I love eating it, I love cooking with family and friends, I love the environment of a kitchen, I love the environment of a dinner table, or a new restaurant, or a food truck. Eating and cooking is always such a unifying experience that is so often shared with the best and most important people in our lives. I have so many memories of birthdays or celebrations that all revolve around a dinner table. Where you can see all the people you love close to you, sharing good food and good drinks and even better stories. I already spoke about my favorite meal on here, but sometimes I like to be a little adventurous with my palette. YEAH PALETTE I SAID IT!

When I’m feeling adventurous there’s a few ways to satiate it. I can go eat at a new restaurant and experience something different or I can go to a friends house who I know can cook and let them whip me up a little surprise. Both of those however require some decision making on the sort cuisine, which to me (especially when I’m feeling stubborn about adventure), takes out some of the fun! If I choose Italian, or Indian, or Thai, or Brazilian food — yes it’s something new or different for the night, but ultimately it’s still a choice and I’m still pretty much aware of what I’m about to eat. But hey, I am not one to give up on something that I really want, and if it’s a food adventure that I want, then dammit, I’m going to get it!


Like clockwork, I notoriously miss the South Beach Food and Wine Festival in Miami Beach because I’m always shooting in LA!! You can look up where the closest one to you is — the next one is August 21-24 in Los Angeles, I hope I’ll be back to the west coast in time. The LA Food and Wine Festival. This is so exciting. The thought of going ANYWHERE that is designed to a) impress me b) show off an insane amount of culinary talent c) provide alcohol d) attend with friends/family (or alone, I don’t know what you like! and e) is super convenient to get to is ALL A DREAM. I literally can’t think of a better situation than this for someone like me (and probably YOU).

Here’s what they have to say about themselves:

“Cuisine and culture collide this August 22-25 as the Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival brings some of the most celebrated culinary talent in the country together for a four-day, city-wide, epicurean extravaganza.” UM CALM DOWN EPICUREAN EXTRAVAGANZA – BUT ALSO, YES PLEASE! “The weekend’s festivities offer guests the chance to sample the cuisines and products from some of the most prominent epicurean influencers, while enjoying the sights and sounds of the entertainment industry’s brightest talents during live culinary demonstrations, world-class wine and spirit tastings, strolling marquee events, one-of-a-kind lunches, two Lexus Grand Tastings, book signings, after parties and much more.” I LITERALLY CANNOT GET MY BODY THERE FAST ENOUGH.

All I want to do is be around these “epicurean influences” while I “enjoy the sights and sounds of the entertainment industry’s brightest talents” IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK? I don’t think so. I think a little treat toward the end of August to signify a fun delightful summer sounds exactly like something we all deserve.

There are festivals like this all over the country in a bunch of states and cities. I can suggest going to them, spending time at them, bringing your friends to them and experiencing something new, something exquisite, something fun, and unique and beautiful, and DELICIOUS enough! They’re just always such a fun time that bring a lot of really cool people together.

And honestly, I feel like this has the potential to be the cutest meet cute ever. Like a real chance at a ROM COM situation could play out here. Can you imagine? Like, “Sarah, I don’t know what to tell you, but he’s MY HUSBAND. We were at the last Grand Tasting of the weekend, and we just locked eyes from across the room. He came over and asked how I liked the wine, I asked him how he liked the food and that was that”. Am I getting ahead of myself? Am I getting ahead of everyone?! Probably. But whatever dreamers dream!

Like I said, I love food, apparently I love love, and I’m just really ready for August to roll around so I can eat my way through Los Angeles and feel AMAZING about it.