Lucky Buddha Beer Crafts Contest

Did you hear… I’m one of the judges for the Lucky Buddha Beer Crafts Contest! If you participate, you could win up to a $1000 gift card! All you have to do is upcycle a Lucky Buddha bottle into an awesome craft and enter is on Facebook. Here are all the detail, babes

When I first saw the Lucky Buddha Beer bottles, I was inspired to create a chandelier… Step one was to gold leaf the bottle by hand leaving the shape of the Buddha in the natural bottle color. To give it a rustic look, I purchased rope from my local hardware store. I chose ski rope for the design. I cut the rope in the appropriate length for the chandelier and burned each of the ends to avoid fraying.

Once all the pieces were cut, I used a safety pin to attach butterfly wall anchors to one end of the rope. When placed inside the bottle, they open up and this secures the rope in the bottle so the rope will not come out. Once I was satisfied with the number of bottles for the chandelier, I placed a single light kit that was purchased at Urban Outfitters in the middle of the bottles to illuminate the design.

The biggest challenge was securing a large knot for the chandy. Once the knot was made, I cut the excess rope to the desired length and burned the edges once again to re-enforce the knot. The rope I used was a plastic based rope, which allowed me to melt the knot into one solid piece. To secure it to the ceiling, I used a heavy-duty butterfly anchor that would hold the weight of the bottles without fear of falling. The chandy was then secured to the ceiling and my Buddha masterpiece was complete.

Your craft doesn’t have to be this elaborate, however it’s a fun chance to get creative and let your inspiration come to life! Get crafty my loves!!