Welcome to LA

This is a personal post today lovers. I want to tell you about my welcome to LA, because honestly, it kinda funny and crazy!

I want to start by saying, I was SO EXCITED to get to LA. Ive been and stayed for months upon months and I know the best things about this part of the country and thats why I’m so excited about being here! I love my friends here, and I love this city. It’s awesome. There are so many things to do (you saw that Turrell post right?!) and so many ways to be healthy and even more ways to juice, and I’m obsessed with juicing! It’s very exciting.

But more than anything else, here’s what I know about LA:

“OMG, the traffic is horrible, but I LOVE the weather”
“It’s 75 and sunny, EVERY day. Never too hot, never too cold, it’s perfect”
“The sunshine, it just makes people happy!”


I get it! We all get it! The weather in LA is the best thing about LA.
I’m into it. I’m down. Let’s experience this sunshine together.

But of course, of course, this is not what I experienced upon moving to this great entertainment capital of the world. I was welcomed by some crazy ass stuff.

First of all, it was STORMING. Like, real rain, real wind, real cold (fine, not that cold, but still), really inconvenient for everyone. So I get here and it’s the storm of the century. No one can drive, not because the roads are closed, but because they’re too afraid to drive in the rain here. They’re too afraid to drive when there are clouds in the sky, let alone an actual down pour. And hey, I’m not talking shit, I’m used of driving in those conditions being from Miami and all but no one else in LA seems to know how to handle the rainy conditions which makes driving so dangerous. So that’s the start. It’s insane. There are trees falling and flying and it’s crazy.

But it’s fine. I knew it would only last a week and to be that the city could use a cleansing and nourishing rain, I mean they have been in a drought for Petes sake so I’m totally down. What I discovered when it rains for days and days and days that mud slides start happening trees start falling over. I actually had a tree fall on my rental car, but thats not what did the damage, it was the mud! Oh my poor rental! At least no one was hurt. Praise the Lord for that!

I finally get into my house thatI am renting and started setting it up and was/am really excited. It’s so great coming into a new place. Everything is clean, and you get to organize and really create the space exactly how you want. Once you stay somewhere for a certain amount of time, you accumulate so much stuff and it’s hard to really keep everything exactly as you like it. You know what happens. It starts with a drawer. Just one little messy drawer. Then a closet. Just a corner closet. Then it’s the whole place, just full of random stuff you get sent in the mail, and stuff you pick up, and stuff you think has sentimental value but really doesn’t. And with the amount of clothes I brought from Miami most of the closets are already full! But you can never have enough jackets, jeans and shoes.

So I’m stoked! I’m in my new, clean, fresh pad. So great. But then something happened, or rather someone happened. I had a very random, sort of scary visitor come by on one of my first nights in this new place.

Here’s what went down:

I’m asleep with my bf. Cozy, safe, warm, with nothing but the sound of gentle rain falling from the sky outside. And I get pushed around and woken up by my partner (who by the way, is an ex-cop, tough, brave, person, who I would trust with my life). I’m being told, “hey, there’s someone in the house, go talk to them”. EXCUSE ME? You go talk to them! He insisted the person was harmless (uh, how did he know), and that maybe it was the landlord.

THE LANDLORD? Does your landlord come to your home at 3am in the rain and sit down for a nap? No? Didn’t think so.
So I walk downstairs to greet the “landlord” or whoever is there. I poked the dude, woke him up and got to listen to a DRUNK crazy talk for 30 minutes about how he lives here. “No you don’t” I remind him, I live here. But he doesn’t know where “here” is, so that’s useless.

Finally, we figure out he’s an old tenant of the property, who I’ve now woken up too so he can enjoy this experience with me. We figure out what to do, where to send him, who to call, and get homie into an Uber ASAP.

He leaves and I try to get back to sleep. Well I didn’t try, I did. I fell right back asleep. The Los Angeles rain lulled me right back to bed 🙂

SO that was my first few daysin Los Angeles. Memorable to say the least. And you know, to be real, totally my style. It wouldn’t make sense that I moved to a new place in ideal conditions without something insane happening. That’s just not me. But I’m glad. Because at least I have a story to tell about the whole thing. Imagine if I was like, I moved to LA, the weather was great, NO ONE broke into my house. BORING!