This is an American hero I’d like, LOVE to see at the Olympics again.

Where do I begin with the Olympics? This particular Olympics has me feeling all sort of feelings. It’s been like, really hard to organize my thoughts on this topic. Maybe I need to make a list? DUH I ALREADY MADE A LIST. Here it is.

For those of you who are hard of sight and can’t read my handwriting here it is:

Location is everything. Beautiful yet TERRIFYING. I’m talking about YOU Russian Gov.
FIGURE SKATING (then SNOWBOARDING, SKIING, CURLING, HOCKEY, CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING and like, literally everything in between) I am a HUGE Olympic nerd. Olympic nerd, Olympic nerd, lalalalala!

Also, this post was NOT sponsored by Sharpie, but like, SHARPIE HELLO!

Location is everything. Ever heard that saying? Did I make it up? It’s true for real-estate and also for everything else. I have never been to Sochi, not really a hot spot these days, because no one I know has been to Sochi either. And honestly, I have friends who travel so…here’s my point: Sochi, to the naked eye (sexy!) looks like a beautiful place. It looks like somewhere I’d want to go with a lover and some fur, and sit by a fire place and guess what peoples bodies really look like underneath the pounds and pounds of ski attire they’re wearing. I’m sure there are a lot of beautiful wonderful people in Sochi. I for one was excited about this winter wonderland. But then I, like the rest of world, heard about what’s really going down in Sochi. And realized that even if I did want to go there with a lover (which I didn’t, so don’t get excited Sochi), I wouldn’t really be welcome. And it’s not okay. It really isn’t. To have such harsh anti-gay legislation is just simply not acceptable, not in the year 1814 and certainly not in the year 2014! People are empowered today, and no one is going to sit around and allow their government to send messages of hatred and suppression so intensely. The world will not watch idly as men and women are being told they can’t love who they love, and be who they are. Sorry, ain’t happening any more.


It’s turned the tune of something usually so excited and peaceful, into something scary and dangerous. It’s made it complicated to support. Of course I want to support the idea of the Olympics. It’s beautiful. Of course I want to support the athletes who have been literally training since they could walk to compete at this level and be honored on this huge, gigantic international scale. But I also refuse to ignore something so blatant. So I’m torn, as I think many people are this year.

The White House delivered what I think is a VERY STRONG message to Russia by naming Billie Jean King (check our girl out), an openly gay tennis star, as a member of The White House Delegation Committee for the Olympics.

TAKE THAT PUTIN. And like, GET IT TOGETHER. You’re dated, and it won’t be tolerated any more.

I LOVE competition. Duh. I was on a show that was a literal televised competition, much like the Olympics. JK. HGTV Design Star was nothing like the Olympics. (Except that it was…it was my personal Olympics) But for real. I love competition. Healthy competition is important and beautiful. It makes people work harder and pushes them to limits they never thought they’d reach. It also makes people go crazy sometimes (talking to you Tonya Harding…we didn’t forget), but mostly it pushes people to be better, to work harder, to break boundaries. Pushing yourself that much is real focus, and drive, and passion. And who doesn’t want to see all that work pay off for these athletes? It’s physical sure, but mostly it’s mental. It’s a mental game for me to run a mile. I have to REALLY FEEL MYSELF to make myself do that. Imagine being in the freezing cold day after day trying to shave hundredths of a second off your race time? I mean come on, it’s humans doing what humans were supposed to do. Seeing something and being told, no way, that’s not possible, and then doing it anyway.

Bringing the world together to watch and participate in one singular thing is the most incredible thing I’ve ever heard. I sometimes can’t believe that that’s even true. Like, we (the WORLD I mean) can’t agree on literally anything, but everyone can stop and watch and marvel at this one thing, every two years (summer and winter, duh!). IS THAT NOT CRAZY? IT IS CRAZY! Let’s all be appreciative of this and not take it for granted, because it’s amazing we can do this amid everything else going on in the world.

Yeah, duh I like the outfits. Each country does their own thing and in their own colors and it’s just cool to see how they express their entire culture in their clothes. Each sport obviously has their own attire which is also fun and awesome to see how it changes and grows throughout the years.

This doesn’t need much to make sense. Figure skating is the best. It’s so fun, and glam, but then also so scary. They’re literally rolling around on hard as rock ICE wearing nothing but bedazzled nylon on these tiny little razors strapped to their feet, and then they go as fast as they can and launch themselves into the air. What part of that run-on sentence sounds bad?

As for the other sports, I mean hello! They’re all amazing. Athletes competing at this level are always fun to watch, it could be literally anything and I will set my alarm at 3am to watch it live, like a maniac. It could be curling, love it! Skiing, die for it (skiing might be my favorite, I can’t decide…YES I CAN THIS IS MY FAVORITE)! Snowboarding, amazed by it! Ice Hockey, scared of it, but whoa! Luge, CRAZY! Speed skating, envious, wish I could do this. Bobsledding, uh, I didn’t own COOL RUNNINGS on DVD for nothing! Need I go on?

How do you guys feel about all this? I’m so excited!
Let me know…after all, we’ll all be watching together.

Congratulations to all the incredible athletes competing this Olympics, we’re rooting for you, we’re proud of you, but mostly we’re jealous of you!