DIY Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day can be really romantic — or if you’re a real human, really depressing. I’ve had my fair share of great v-days don’t get it twisted, but the reality of the day is that there’s just so much pressure. Either you’re dating someone, and that’s a lot of pressure. Or you’re single, and that’s just sad…not for your life, sometimes it’s great to be alone, I mean for the day. It’s a day that’s all about love, and all about reminding people to be in love. And if you’re not it’s like, WE GET IT.

Either way I have a solution for you. If you’re dating someone save your bills bills bills honeys and make this for them. If you’re single, DISTRACT yourself. Step away from the food and those sad ass movies and do something creative. You can make this for yourself or for your friends or family or anyone. You can paint it pink, red, blue, black (if that’s the mood you’re in) whatever you want to do. Just a little activity to make the day more fun and less PSYCHO.

Good luck y’all.

Materials needed:
– A canvas- any size will do
-1 sheet of large construction paper
– Scissors
– Masking Tape
– Pencil
– Acrylic paint: Titanium White, Cadmium Red and Alizarin Crimson
– Paint brushes- 1″ and 2″ brush. Preferably artist brushes but not required.
– Stray bottle
– Water
– A paper plate, I used one of my glass plates.

Step 1: Cut

Cut out a template in construction paper in the shape of a heart. U remember doing this as a kid, right?! It’s super easy. Fold construction paper in 1/2 the long way and cut out the shape of the heart you desire.

Step 2: Trace
Once u gave the heart template cut out simply place the heart on your canvas and trace it lightly with the pencil. Easy peasy!

Step 3: Tape
After your trace your heart then u will want to tape off the lower 3/4 of the heart. This way u don’t have to worry about staying with in the lines when u paint and start the dripping process. The best way to do this, because the shape has curves lines is to take the tape and tear it into small pieces to accommodate the curves and tape away!

Step 4: Select Paints
The next step is to pick your paints! I choose a latex, which means water based, Titanium White, and 2 different colors of red, Cadmium red, and Alizarin Crimson. But whatever your mood u can choose any colors u wish! The only limitation is your imagination. I think a black heart would be super sexy! But I’m a little weird.
Mix the white and the lightest color red to create a light pink color.

Step 5: Base Coat
Then with all your might paint the heart with a base coat of pink. Seriously u don’t have to be perfect. I encourage u to make this very painterly. The more movement in the under painting the better! As u can see in my example it’s pretty damn sloppy but the outcome with be gorgeous!

Step 6: Drip
Now the fun part begins! Take the 2 reds, mostly the Alizarin Crimson and carefully start at the top of the heart and literally glob the paint on. After u get a some brushes strokes loaded with paint then u can start the magic with the spray bottle! The bottle is filled with one magic ingredient to make the paint run. Water!!! Everything thinks it alcohol or some artsy solvent. I do have a spray bottle full of Kettle One but that’s a different segment all together.
Water is the magic ingredient to make this painting something unique. Play with it. Massage it with the water and see how it all works. Remember this is a “drip” painting so it’s gonna get messy!!! So lay some drop clothes down so u don’t make a huge mess.

I made the mistake of using weewee pads and of course made a huge mess. Bf was not happy! But who cares! I made something fun! Have fun and if u mess up, it’s only paint! U can start over.

Step 7: Take tape off and touch up

Oh and just so your prepared, when u take off the tape u will have drippage. Tape stops paint but not water. The solution is easy, simply paint the white part of the canvas with your white paint. Easy. Or black would be stunning too!

There u have it! 7 simple steps to make a custom painting! Happy Valentines Day everyone and happy painting!

ps. Post your final results on my Facebook or tag me on Twitter! I want to see your creations!