OMG! I’m a blogger!

“filters make life look better, but like, also really difficult to make decisions”

HELLO everyone! A lot of people would write something like, “I wasn’t screaming at you when I used all CAPS, I’m just excited!”…but I feel like those people are either liars or they just don’t know what all CAPS means on the internet. Because it means you’re screaming. AND I WAS SCREAMING. I was screaming HELLO at you because I want your attention.


Happy (late) New Year to all! I hope it was wonderful and I hope you are all excited about the year to come. I am!! I’m ready for it and super excited about a lot of AMAZING projects…

One of my resolutions this year is to make this blog active and alive for you all!! It’s like, the only resolution I’m actually excited about – mostly because I can do it from my couch. I want to bring a little more of myself out this year and start getting down with you guys. When I say “get down with you guys” I mean that I’m going to make this blog way personal and show a side to myself that’s not always seen. This is going to be a cool way for me to talk about things I like to talk about (hello…this is MY blog) but in a way that’s really about all you guys – because otherwise I’d just be keeping a diary like a seventh grader at summer camp.

Anyways, I feel like I can really communicate with everyone directly here. I can hear questions or suggestions on here or Twitter or Facebook or wherever – and really take the time to choose what I want to write about. There are no limits with this blog! Nothing too personal, too weird, too ‘off’ – this is going to be a place where anything and everything goes.

The internet is crazy. You can read, write, watch, and do literally anything on here – so for 2014 I’m going to embrace the internet and get cray cray with it.

You guys into this? Are you ready?

Send any questions you have for me (design related or not)! Please also send suggestions for posts, how-to’s, designs, anything in the comments! I want to hear what everyone has to say…and then ignore the weird stuff and answer the fun stuff!

K bye!