A Bit Of Bromstad Romance

Image via Pinterest 

One of the most beautiful gifts you can give on Valentine’s is from the heart, and doesn’t require making a reservation with a million other people.  Let’s be original and intimate.  After all, this is the time of year to get the heart pumping and the pheromones flowing!  So here is my idea for a little bit of Bromstad romance.

Find something from the first time you met.  A picture, movie tickets, a playbill, a dinner receipt, a box of matches, a pair of underwear, (no one’s judging) something that represents a special moment when you met: write a little something about that exact moment and why it’s special to you and wrap it in a fabulous box or basket.  Place the item(s) and a bottle of your favorite champagne or wine, two sexy glasses, popcorn or your favorite snack together and a favorite movie.  Top it off with a soft blanket, slippers, massage oil and a favorite fragrance with a candle and surprise your partner on Valentines Day.  Make sure it’s wrapped beautifully.   Make it more intimate and order take out and enjoy each other.  You don’t have to go to dinner.  Make a reservation for 2 at home.  Set an intimate area in your home that you don’t usually dine in. The bedroom or a carpet picnic in front of the fire. Make your own dining room.  It’s meaningful, not expensive and it comes from your heart.

This is my idea of a Message in a Box.  And hopefully you will be you won’t need to order dessert.  You will create your own kind of sweets