Design Tip Thursday

OK, so this is not exactly a design tip but a creative and fun way to re-use your old mason jars! I thought you might enjoy a little change this week. Moms…this is a great healthy alternative for your kids to take to school.

Take your old mason jars,  the bigger they are, the more hungry you better be!  Fill the bottom of the mason jar with your favorite salad dressing.   (Mine is a lemon olive oil emulsion)  Fill the bottom with your favorite veggies; top it with some more fun items like olives or tomatoes or cheese.

When you are ready to eat, shake it up to spread that dressing all over your green fabulousness.   Bring a paper plate (or be like me and eat right out of the jar!). I usually pack mine in a little cooler to keep the salad fresh when I’m on the go. You can do the same thing with healthy dessert parfaits, pasta salads or even soup!

A Mason Jar salad is not only healthy and delicious but visually fab too!