Design Star All Stars: Behind The Scenes Photos Ep. 3

Leslie, Tom, Dan and Hilari are all strong contenders — who will make it to the finale? One more challenge will determine the final three.Host David Bromstad presents this week’s challenge: Pairs of designers must make over sets inspired by hit ’80s sitcom The Facts of Life. Each group must reimagine what an all-girls boarding school TV set would look like today.In The Facts of Life, Mindy Cohn played boarding school student Natalie. Today, she’s a design enthusiast, actress and comedian. She’s the guest judge on this week’s panel alongside regulars Vern and Genevieve.The judges love Leslie and Tom’s traditional update and agreed it looked like a high-end school environment, but with there were a few more pops of bold color. “It’s stunning in person, but less impressive on camera,” says judge Vern Yip.The judges love many details in Dan and Hilari’s space — like the office nook and the updated fireplace — but they can’t get past the green wall. “We’ve seen this tennis ball green from Dan before, in the season four kids’ room challenge,” remembers Genevieve.