Design Star All Star Behind The Scenes Ep. 4

“Leslie! Her rock-solid camera challenges and strong design skills made her the judges’ pick for the very first Design Star All Star.The host of HGTV’s Million Dollar Rooms joins host David Bromstad and regulars Vern Yip and Genevieve Gorder on this week’s design panel.The judges agree that the architectural bench on Tom’s patio shows a high taste level, but Vern wishes it increased the home’s living space a bit more.The judges love his mix of textures and patterns. “His look is luxe, his look is expensive, and who doesn’t want that?” says Genevieve.A simple-but-functional seating area greets the judges as they enter Leslie’s space.The judges love the family-friendly — but still stylish — functionality of Leslie’s shipping container. Her smart solutions, like the chalkboard-backed murphy bed, make use of every inch of space.Lots of plants and wall partitions create privacy and nearly double the living space of this itsy-bitsy home.Hilari created a space full of low-slung midcentury pieces, with her signature glitz and glamour mixed in. “She’s giving us something that is still her style, but really stepping outside of her box,” Vern says. However, Genevieve says that the pink tone is “reading too fleshy.