Fan Request: Japanese Decor How To!

I received this email the other day, and it got my wheels turning!


 My husband and I LOVE your decorating ideas. We absolutely love the Japanese theme and are trying to get some ideas for our bedroom/bathroom. Any ideas would be awesome!! Thank you. 

 Tabitha Yokl

Dear Tabitha!

Japanese design is all about being sleek and chic. Minimal design, using natural materials and graphic elements.

One of my favorite things to do forJapanese style is to take one of the classic elements and blow it up. For example, a Soji screen!  Take that grid pattern and make it the entire wall or even the entire room.  This gives you that classic look but with a modern twist.  You can even have the grids go over your windows coverings.  This will really drive home the look in a chic and unique way.  If you really want to take this concept to the next level, you can build out the feature wall and make it a giant light box.  This is sure to be a show stopper.  You could also stack quartz or flagstone in between the grid patterns.

Keeping your furniture low is always a good idea when designing in the Japanese fashion.  Low furniture makes your space look larger and airy.  Also, having a neutral color palette is another sure fire way to get that zen feel.  You can bring color into the space through flowers and foliage.

Another great visual element is organic shapes! Having unique chandeliers, floor and table lamps is always a fun way to bring in some organic shapes that are unexpected.

Hope this is helpful! Would love to see a pic of your bedroom/bathroom when it’s competed!